International E-Conference 

Being Covid Antifragile

“Sustainability and Growth Perspective”

11-12 February 2021



Date: 12-13 February, 2021

Venue: Narmada College of Management (Online Mode)

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Narmada College of Management, Bharuch in collaboration with Tolani Motwane Institute of Management Studies, Adipur, Som-Lalit Institute of Business Management, Ahmedabad ( all affiliated to Gujarat Technological University ) and Universal Business School, Sybdney, Australia organized a two-day International E-Conference on a very vital subject : “ Being Covid-Antifragile : The Sustainability and Growth Perspective” on 11th and 12th February 2021.

Crisis of any type, this time – the Covid pandemic, causes major upheavals and disruptions in all spheres of life changing the perspectives of how businesses and industry, government systems, Universities and educational Institutions, NGOs and the society as a whole, must and shall perform now on – this time more pro-actively building anti-fragile policies and practices, work culture and systems.

As India and other nations, all alike, look to boost up their respective economies, it is worth reflecting on how systemic and forward looking actions are needed to shift towards a more sustainable, resilient and thriving economy, a safer environment and a more close knitted and caring society.

Continuous academic research from the practical orientation and deliberations on the same is a necessity to spread the perspectives as discussed above.

The conference therefore started with a pre-conference workshop on the 11th of February 2021 focusing on qualitative research and the aspects that make a quality research paper. Prof. Dr Sushil from IIT – Delhi talked on “Qualitative Research – What and Why”. This session was followed by the session on “ How to write and publish quality research papers in A grade journals” by Ex-Professor-IIM, Ahmedabad who is now an independent management researcher and facilitator.

The second day of the Conference was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of Gujarat Technological University, Prof.Dr. Navin Sheth and the Dy.Vice Chancellor and ED, Group Colleges , Australia – Prof.Dr Greg Whateley. Dr Navin Sheth emphasized the need to motivate and ignite more minds specially the youth and also the need for a collaboration amongst all stakeholders of the nation and the world to create a sustainable ecosystem in all domains of life. He also talked about the initiatives being taken by the GTU and its affiliated colleges in this direction. Dr. Greg Whateley lay emphasis on a multidisciplinary and a multi pronged approach to not only addressing the current concerns but also creating a long term approach to such issues. Both mentioned the initiatives in these directions by their respective countries – India and Australia.

With the Key Note Address by these Educational Leaders, we had expert speakers from India and abroad addressing on the three very important aspects of sustainability namely : Economic, Environmental and Social&Ethical sustainability.

Prof. Dr. Anil Gupta, Ex-Prof. IIM, Ahmedabad and the founder of Honey-Bee Network laid emphasis on addressing the local and the seemingly smaller concerns of the society through innovations in product and processes. He also stressed on the ethical dimensions at every stage and for every stakeholder for a sustainable global society at large.

Prof.Dr. Andrew West, Dean, Universal Business School, Sydney, Australia, stressed the importance of anti-fragility in designing systems such that they not only withstand events like COVID-19 but also emerge resilient and stronger thereafter.

Prof.Dr. Devendra Kodwani highlighted the importance of creating sustainable economic systems which are not against ecology but are in harmony with them.

A total number of 96 authors got together to write 55 papers which were presented in three parallel tracks thereafter.  The academician and researchers represented not only India but also Australia. They represented Schools of Management Studies with a few papers also from the engineering, MCA and Law faculties. It was encouraging to have industry participation as well. All these came from various states of India namely Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The track on Economic Sustainability was chaired by Prof.Dr. George Chobanov, Sofia University, Bulgaria. The paper presentations were evaluated jointly by Prof. Dr.A C Brahmbhatt, Professor and Chairperson, Doctoral Programme – Nirma University, Gujarat and Prof.Dr. Wayne Smithson, Program Director,Universal Business School, Australia.

The track on Environmental Sustainability was chaired by Prof.Dr. Andrew West, Dean, Universal Business School, Australia. The paper presentations were evaluated by Prof.Dr.Sunita Sharma from M.S.University, Baroda and Prof.Dr. Felix Stravens, Program Director, Universal Business School, Australia.

The track of Social &Ethical Sustainability was chaired by Prof.Dr.Ashutosh Paturkar, Dean-Academics, Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies and Research, Nagpur University, Maharashtra. The paper presentations were evaluated by Prof.Dr. Darshana Dave, S.P.University, Vallabh Vidyanagar and Prof. Dr.Jotsana Roopram,  Dy.Dean, Universal Business School, Australia.

The research presentations spanned across industries, educational systems, societal domains government systems and many more. After a very interesting presentation made by all researchers indicating the current dynamics and the measures that all members of the society and universe at large must take to create an antifragile eco-system for all to co-exist .

In each track there were winners announced- one each track . The winners of the track on economic sustainability are Ms Dhara Zhala and Dr Sampada Kapse. The winner of the track on environmental sustainability is Dr.Hemlata Agarwal. The winners of the track on social and ethical sustainability are Ms Brinda Raycha and Dr Trupti S Almoula.

The Conference ended with a very enthusing valedictory address by Dr. Unnat Pandit, Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, as the Chief Guest and Dr.K N Kher, the Registrar of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad.  Dr K N Kher congratulated all the team members of the 4 host colleges. Dr Unnat Pandit stressed how such initiatives must take more spread and reach. He also stressed that while we deliberate and evolve useful policies and strategies through research, these must be also put in practice so that all concerned reap the benefits of the same. Such concentrated and collaborative efforts by one and all , alone can create an “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” so that Bharat ( India ) soon emerges as VISHWA GURA ( World Leader ).

Such an initiative as above came in the wake of the mandate by the New Education Policy 2020 which emphasizes on meaningful and practical research, adaptive and inclusive education, inclusion of multidisciplinary knowledge and understanding amongst the stakeholders of the society at large for building holistic personalities . While this was one initiative of Narmada College of Management, Bharuch, to give shape to more such initiatives and interventions, Narmada College of Management also organized VIMARSH-2021 to discuss and evolve a Vision-Mission for the Future years and strategies that we may work on to essentially emerge as a contributor for the whole world in the field of practical multidisciplinary teaching learning with Management teaching learning at the core of it. To help design the future path therefore, we had with us Prof. Dr. Navin Sheth , Vice Chancellor, GTU, Prof.Dr.Indira Parikh , Ex-IIM-A, President-Antardish and Founder, Flame Institute, Pune; Prof.Dr.T V Rao – Chairman, T V Rao Learning Systems and Prof. IIM-A; Prof.Dr. M R Dixit, Ex-Prof. IIM-A and an independent management researcher and facilitator; Dr D K Trivedi , Director Education, NCM, Dr B M Rawal ,Principal – Narmada College of Science and Commerce and Ex-Pro Vost, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University – all from the field of Education and Research. From Industry , we had with us Mr Kamlesh Udani – Ex-Executive Director, J B Chemicals; Mr Parag Sheth, Owner of group of salt manufacturing companies and Ambica Salt Works; Mr Hemant Gajjar, Head-Operations and Maintenance- Torrent Power Ltd.; C A Sanjay Yajnik, Ex-General Manager (Business Finance) , Lupin Ltd,; Mr Sanjay Chakraborty, The founder and Chief Marketing Communiations Advisor, ESSKEE Consultancy and Mr Kartik Mehta , alumnus of Narmada College of Management and Lead Engineer, Electrical at ENGIE.

The deliberations were intense and will continue with further inhouse deliberations guided by them. Narmada College of Management, Bharuch, expresses commitment to the cause and has started MBA( Sustainability Management ) as a course offering.  We, the team of Narmada College of Management,  stay poised to emerge as an Institute of global repute.