Events Hosted at Institute

Events Hosted at Institute

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Any OtherSIP Contest30/9/20130
Management EventREVA-20134/9/201393450
Student Induction ProgramPraveshotsav – 20148/6/20140
Management EventReva-2015: The Innovative Youth10/10/20150
SIP Competition"Kaushalya-2013" A State Level (Summer Internship Project) SIP Competition10/10/20150
Quiz CompetitionQuiz Competition – Flair2/15/20160
Elocution CompetitionElocution Competition – Flair5/10/20160
SportsSports Competition 2016 (Inter Class)6/2/02160
Yoga CelebrationInternational Yoga day6/21/20160
Independance dayCelebrated 70 years of Independence at Narmada College of Management8/20/20160
Teachers' dayTeacher''s Day Celebration – 2016 at NCM9/6/20160
Republic celebrationRepublic celebration1/26/20170
Teachers' dayTeacher''''s Day Celebration – 2017 at NCM9/5/20170
Yoga CelebrationInternational Yoga day6/21/20170
FDPTranscending Newer Horizons in Management Teaching8/28/20170
Management EventREVA 20188/15/20180
Yoga CelebrationInternational Yoga Day6/21/20180
Student Induction ProgramOrientation Programme8/13/20180
Annual DayAnnual Day10/11/20180
Any OtherNavratri Celebration12/19/20190
SportsSports Day1/19/20190
Student Induction ProgramORIENTATION PROGRAMME8/13/20190
Teachers' dayTeachers’ Day Celebration 5th September-20199/5/20190
YouthPadyatra on 71st death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi As a part of Martyrs’ Day (Shaheed Diwas) Celeb1/30/20190
WorkshopVimarsh 2021 For Vision Mission2/9/20210
Extra-curricularHeritage Treasure Hunt- Exploring Ancient Bharuch2/2/2022The event started from the Kot region, below Begum wadi, Parsiwad with 42 teams which included more than 200 participants. There were two categories, one for the bikers which consists of 32 teams (out of which 5 teams were from Narmada College of Management) and other for the bicycles which consists of 13 teams.The event started at 7:30 with tea/coffee and breakfast. At 8o’clock the inaugural ceremony started which was hosted by Rizwana Zamindar, the president of Inner Wheel Club of Bharuch. It included Jivraj Patel, the president of Bharuch Citizen council, secretary Harish Joshi, project chairman Archana Patel, Jan Shikshan Sanshtha committee member Zainul Sayed, Nitin Bhat. The event organiser honoured Dr. Narottam Valand, Prof. Minalben Dave and the last Nawab of Bharuch Dr. Mohsin Khan.Event hosted at institute_Files_/31.Upload Photos.105559.pdf0
Certificate CourseShort Term Certificate Program on Business Analytics [GTU Approved]11/20/2021
Certificate CourseCertificate Course in Introduction to Indian Knowledge Systems12/28/2021
Any Otherજિલ્લા કાનુન સેવા સત્તા મંડળ ભરૂચ, તાલુકા કાનુની સેવા સજમજત, ભરૂચ સંયુક્તઉપક્રમે કાનુની જાગૃજત જિબીર2/25/2021
Any OtherGTU: International Event “Call for Book Chapter”: Dr. Trupti Almoula, Chairperson, Dean, Faculty of Management, GTU12/17/2021GTU is organizing an international event in the form of "Call for Book Chapters" in the form of Case Studies on Organizations’ contributions for Sustainable Development. This event will be conducted VIRTUALLY on 26th February 2022 where we expect participation from at least 10 to 12 countries with their industries and academic institutions and even government body putting forth their efforts in this direction in the form of case studies. To help all aspiring participants develop a good case study, all those who register on the link given herewith, shall be oriented to a half -day workshop on "How to write a good case". This workshop will be organized on 30th December 2021 after which you shall have at least 5-weeks to build / write your Case. For you to take advantage of this opportunity, you must essentially register on or before 25th December 2021 on the link mentioned below. You may develop the proposed case in collaboration with anybody else from academia/industry. Collectively, for each case, the charges are Rs 1000/- only per case. The payment link is also given on Circular dated 7th December 20210
Any OtherBoS (Board of Studies) meeting for MBA (PT) syllabus design9/18/2021
Discussion ForumDISCUSSION FORUM : Decision Making8/13/2021The Discussion Forum at Narmada College of Management met on 13th August, 2021. The session was about Decision Making. Decision making is often a difficult task for many of us. We all make decisions all the time, ranging from routine issues like what to wear, what to eat for lunch, up to the most critical decisions of life like where and what to study, where to work and whom to marry. In simple words, decision making means to choose between two or more courses of action. In the context of problem solving it involves a choice between possible solutions to a problem. Some people avoid making decisions by endlessly searching for more information or getting other people to offer their recommendations. Others resort to decision-making by taking a vote or tossing a coin. However decision making is a thoughtful process and decisions can be made through either an intuitive or reasoned process, or a combination of the two. Dr. Shah had three questions for all the participants to think upon. 1. What are the problems and issues in decision making? 2. In your life which is the best decision you have taken so far? Which decision you regret the most? 3. What are the important decisions managers are required to make in their respective domains? Each participant gave their respective response on the above questions.0
Orientation programOrientation Programme 2021 MBA Full Time Semester 19/25/2021
Certificate CourseCERTIFICATE PROGRAMME ON EXIM PROCEDURES & DOCUMENTATION1/8/2022The programme was inaugurated on 8th January 2022. Prof Iram Khan, the programme coordinator, welcomed Dr. Trupti Almoula, Dean, Faculty of Management, GTU and Director, Narmada College of Management, Dr. Hemlata Agarwal, Professor, S. R. Luthra Institute of Management, Sarvajanik University, Surat, Shri Umang Kumar Singh, Manager, Logistics and Dispatch Shriram Alkali & Chemicals, Jhagadia. Dr. Trupti Almoula delivered the inaugural address followed by self introduction by the participants. The participant group comprises of mid level executives in the area of dispatch and logistics from companies like Grasim Industries, Torrent Pharma, JRD Denims, Gnfc Ltd. etc. It also has students of the MBA Full time and Part time programme. NCM has roped in industry experts, who have hands on experience in the field of international trade to provide rich content to the participants.Event hosted at institute_Images/39.Upload Photos.072013.jpgEvent hosted at institute_Files_/39.Upload Report.072013.pdf63000
HR HORIZON 2021HR HORIZON 202112/10/2021An "HR Horizon -2021" was organised by Narmada College of Management, Bharuch in collaboration with V.C. Shah Patel services ltd., Bharuch and Tirupati placement consultancy ltd. Baroda. This event talked about how much importance technology possesses, in the field of HR. and also, some of the essential HR & Management lessons. In this event HR professional from various industries were present. Also the first & second year MBA students from Narmada College of Management were present. This event was divided into two sessions; HR Tech Talk and HR insights from societal actions.Event hosted at institute_Files_/40.Upload Report.095754.pdf0
Any OtherAnnual Day2/12/20180
Any OtherREVA 20182/15/20180
Any OtherParticipation in 100%CASHLESS GNFC TOWNSHIP2/13/2017College Level0
Any Other"The INVINCIBLES 2017",Unleash Yourself2/6/2017Department level0
Any OtherStudent participation in Solvay India Open House12/13/2017Department Level0
Any OtherStudent Internship Competition. Held at Parul University11/21/2017Department Level0
Any OtherOffice Automation Skill8/12/2017College Level0
Any OtherBusiness Etiquette8/16/2017College Level0
Any OtherDevelopment of Lifeskills1/18/2019College Level0
Any OtherWorkshop on "CO-CREATING TRANSFORMATION"1/12/2019College Level0
Any OtherPersonality Development Program3/2/2019College Level0
Any OtherPersonality Development Programme for MBA-II Stud2/28/2019College Level0
Any OtherCO-CREATE TRANSFORMATION (SESSION-4)2/3/2019College Level0
Any OtherDevelopment of Contributive Skill6/12/2020College Level0
Any OtherNavratri Celebration10/11/20180
Student Induction ProgramORIENTATION PROGRAMME REPORT-20198/13/20190