Institute Achievements

Institute Achievements

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Participated at VCCI Industrial Expo 201412/17/2014
Ranked A+ in B-School Survey By Business Standard8/13/2014
95th Among the best 100 B Schools in India " Survey3/4/2015
3rd rank in gujarat Syrvey by Beyond IIMs- B-School3/16/2015
Orgainsed 2 FDP: 1. Data Analysis, 2. Case writing1/6/2015
Published Book on Case studies in Management for B1/25/2017
Organised: One Week Faculty Development Programme7/28/2015
NCM Director appointed as member of Academic council,7/12/2015
NCM Director appointed as Dean, Faculty of Management,7/11/2018
NCM ranked amongst best 5 at GTU in terms of acade6/5/2018
Awarded Center for Entrepreneurship development by8/13/2018
Dr Trupti S Almoula initiated the process of GTU e8/28/2019
Dr. Trupti Almoula got approval from GTU for MBA w2/26/2021
Hosted an International E-conference with 02 GTU a2/12/2021
Setup the INDIC center2/26/2021
Setup the HR Lab2/26/2021
05 MoUs Sign2/26/2021
A Call for Book Chapters on “Organisations’ Contribution to Sustainable Development : A Case Study Perspective” Chaired by Dr Trupti- Director, NCM and Dean, GTU3/18/2021
Post Conference Workshop on : “Writing Research Paper"2/3/2021Institute Achievements_Files_/20.Upload Documents.062010.docx
Campus Newsletter – Abhivyakti motivated by DE ( Dr P H Shah )1/6/2021Institute Achievements_Files_/21.Upload Documents.062210.docx
Certificate Programme on “EXIM Procedures and Documentation”
under joint certification by NCM and GTU ( Anchored by Ms Iram
Khan and Resource Persons: Ms Iram Khan, Mr Umang Singh)
1/8/2022Institute Achievements_Files_/22.Upload Documents.062334.pdf
Certificate Programme on “Introduction to Indian Knowledge Systems” under certification by NCM ( Anchored by and Resource Person : Dr Subhash Yadav )12/28/2021Institute Achievements_Files_/23.Upload Documents.062446.pdf
Certificate Programme on “Business Analytics” under joint certification by NCM and GTU ( Anchored by Mr Kanu Raval and Ms Nisha Dubey, Resource Person : Dr Sameer Rohadia )11/20/2021Institute Achievements_Files_/24.Upload Documents.062555.pdf
The HR Research Lab is envisaged under the expertise of Dr Trupti to be assisted by Ms Rashmi Ghamawala10/29/2021
The first seminar on HR Horizon 2021 conducted with NCM as Academic Partner12/10/2021
Organised VIMARSH – Redefining Vision and Mission
Mentors were : Dr Navin Sheth ( V C, GTU), Dr Indira Parikh (Ex-Professor, IIMA), Dr T V Rao ( Ex-Professor,IIMA), Dr M R Dixit (Ex-Professor, IIMA), Dr B M Rawal ( Principal – NCSC and Ex-Pro-Vost, VNSGU), CA Sanjay Yajnik (Industry Professional and Leader ), Mr Hemant Gajjar ( Industry Professional and Leader) , Mr Sanjay Chakraborty, Mr Kamlesh Udani (Industry Professional and Leader ), Mr Parag Sheth ( 2nd generation entrepreneur, Mr Kartik Mehta ( Alumnus)
Discussion Forum : Anchored by DE ( Dr P H Shah): Rational Vs Emotional Thinking, Parallel Vs Adversarial Thinking, Critical and Creative Thinking, Decision Making7/30/2021
Pre-conference workshop by: Prof. (Dr.) Sushil from IIT – Delhi on “Qualitative Research – What and Why”. Prof. M R Dixit, Ex-IIMA, on “ How to write and publish quality research papers in A grade journals”2/11/2021
Post Conference Workshop on : “Writing Research Papers for publishing in ABDC/Scopus Listed Journals by Dr Ajaykumar Chauhan and Dr Keyur Nayak2/13/2021
MBA Part Time Student has received Gold Medal for First rank in MBA Part Time for the year 2021 from GTU during Convocation.1/27/2022Mr. Bhavesh MistryInstitute Achievements_Images/31.Upload Documents.065319.jpg