Mr. Kanu Raval
Mr. Kanu Raval

Mr. Kanu Raval

Kanu Raval, System Analyst
B.E. (Computer), MBA (Marketing)

Paper Publication

SN Paper Title Conference Type Published/Presented Journal Name Paper Level ISBN/ISSN Number Impact Factor Date of Publication
1 M-Commerce in India, at S S Jain Subodh P G College, Jaipur National Presented Recent Trends in Information Technology: Opportunities and Challenges Proceeding in Conference     07/30/2008
2 Service Quality Measurement two Private Sector Banks in Bharuch District , Ganpat University – Mehsana National Presented   Proceeding in Conference     02/26/2010

FDP STTP Wokrshop Seminar Attended

SN Type of Event Event Name Venue Starting Date Number of Days
1 FDP Advances in Information Systems Research and Education Indian Institute of Management, Kozikode 05/27/2009 6
2 Conference International E-Conference Being Covid Antifragile “Sustainability and Growth Perspective” NCM 02/12/2020 2
3 Seminar Cyber Security – A need of the hours Ahmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad 01/03/2009 1
4 Training Programme Object Oroented Analysis and Design using UML with Fundamentals of Rational Rose Narmada College of Computer Applications, Bharuch 06/27/2008 4
5 FDP Advances in Research Mathods and Data Analytical Tools Narmada College of Management, Bharuch 01/02/2015 5
6 STTP Stastical Analysis in Research CEPT University, Anand 03/02/2012 5
7 Workshop eCommerce Business: Seup Your Own Business From Home Online, Udemi Academy 08/30/2021 1
8 Staff Development Program Data Mining L J Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ahmedabad 04/16/2012 13
9 STTP Advanced Java Web Technologies Narmada College of Computer Applications 03/26/2012 5
10 STTP Working with Android L D College of Engineeeting, Ahmedabad 06/08/2015 5
11 Workshop UGC Sponsors Workshop on SPSS and Data Mining B K School of Business Management, Ahmedabad 03/17/2008 2
12 Training Programme How to Make a WordPress Website – Step by Step Guide 2021 Online, Udemy Academy 07/21/2021 1
13 FDP Transcending New Horizon in Management Teaching Narmada College of Management, Bharuch 08/28/2017 5
14 Seminar JASETO 2010: Java Security Tools Narmada College of Computer Applications, Bharuch 02/17/2010 1
15 Training Programme Database Management Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad 11/28/2011 12

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