Mr. Kanu Raval
Mr. Kanu Raval

Mr. Kanu Raval

Kanu Raval, System Analyst
B.E. (Computer), MBA (Marketing)

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Service Quality Measurement two Private Sector Banks in Bharuch District , Ganpat University - MehsanaNationalPresented2/26/2010Proceeding in Conference
M-Commerce in India, at S S Jain Subodh P G College, JaipurNationalPresented7/30/2008Recent Trends in Information Technology: Opportunities and ChallengesProceeding in Conference

FDP STTP Wokrshop Seminar Attended

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ConferenceInternational E-Conference Being Covid Antifragile “Sustainability and Growth Perspective”NCM2/12/20202
SeminarJASETO 2010: Java Security ToolsNarmada College of Computer Applications, Bharuch2/17/20101FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Images/68.Upload Certificate.093119.jpg
Training ProgrammeDatabase ManagementGujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad11/28/201112FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Images/69.Upload Certificate.093337.jpg
Staff Development ProgramData MiningL J Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ahmedabad4/16/201213FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Images/70.Upload Certificate.093524.jpg
STTPAdvanced Java Web TechnologiesNarmada College of Computer Applications3/26/20125FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Images/71.Upload Certificate.093729.jpg
STTPStastical Analysis in ResearchCEPT University, Anand3/2/20125FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Images/72.Upload Certificate.093926.jpg
FDPAdvances in Information Systems Research and EducationIndian Institute of Management, Kozikode5/27/20096FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Images/73.Upload Certificate.094139.jpg
Training ProgrammeObject Oroented Analysis and Design using UML with Fundamentals of Rational RoseNarmada College of Computer Applications, Bharuch6/27/20084FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Images/74.Upload Certificate.095046.jpg
WorkshopUGC Sponsors Workshop on SPSS and Data MiningB K School of Business Management, Ahmedabad3/17/20082FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Images/75.Upload Certificate.095249.jpg
FDPAdvances in Research Mathods and Data Analytical ToolsNarmada College of Management, Bharuch1/2/20155FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Images/76.Upload Certificate.095514.jpg
SeminarCyber Security - A need of the hoursAhmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad1/3/20091FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Images/77.Upload Certificate.095652.jpg
STTPWorking with AndroidL D College of Engineeeting, Ahmedabad6/8/20155FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Images/78.Upload Certificate.095856.jpg
FDPTranscending New Horizon in Management TeachingNarmada College of Management, Bharuch8/28/20175FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Files_/79.Upload Certificate.100108.pdf
WorkshopeCommerce Business: Seup Your Own Business From HomeOnline, Udemi Academy8/30/20211FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Files_/80.Upload Certificate.100309.pdf
Training ProgrammeHow to Make a Wordpress Website - Step by Step Guide 2021Online, Udemy Academy7/21/20211FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Files_/81.Upload Certificate.100429.pdf


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