Dr. Subhash Yadav
Dr. Subhash Yadav

Dr. Subhash Yadav

Dr. Subhash Yadav,

Associate Professor, B.E., MBA (Marketing), NET, FDP (IIMA)

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Ethics and Social Entrepreneurship: An explorationInternationalPublished1/1/2019Peer Reviewed Journal9781522558378
Developing our own way of UnderstandingNationalPresented4/21/2006Proceeding in Conference
Consuming the ConsumerNationalPresented1/1/2010Proceeding in Conference
Business Ethics : An Indian ViewpointInternationalPresented6/1/2012Proceeding in Conference
Service Quality Level of Banks : A comparative stuNationalPresented2/27/2010Proceeding in Conference
Spiritualising Management Education: Insights fromInternationalPresented2/5/2015Proceeding in Conference
A study of workplace spirituality, customer orientNationalPublished1/7/2016Peer Reviewed Journal2250-348xNA
Ethics and Social Entrepreneurship:An explorationInternationalPublished1/1/2019Peer Reviewed Journal9781522558378NA
Management cases for BeginersPublished1/4/201697881931551-0-3

FDP STTP Wokrshop Seminar Attended

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FDPTranscending Newer Horizons in Management TeachingNCM, Bharuch8/28/201730
FDPCreating Opportunities for Flexy working of Qualified womenBDMA Bharuch2/24/20181
FDPShaping Young MindsAIMA, Bharuch8/18/20181
ConferenceInternational E-Conference Being Covid Antifragile “Sustainability and Growth Perspective”Narmada College of Management2/12/20212
FDPAICTE FDP for Universal Human ValuesOnline7/26/20215FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Files_/26.Upload Certificate.073419.pdf
FDPIntroduction to PolytheismOnline from Indica Academy Hyderabad9/2/202115FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Files_/27.Upload Certificate.070508.pdf
FDPIndic Cultural AnthropologyIndica Academy- Hyderabaad8/18/202115FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Files_/28.Upload Certificate.070639.pdf
FDPIntroduction to ChaturVidyasthanasIndica Academy Hyderabad - Online9/5/202115FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Files_/29.Upload Certificate.070807.pdf
FDPFDP on Entrepreneurial IntelligenceOnline3/24/20226FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Images/90.Upload Certificate.110333.jpg
FDPVishwakarma Engineering College, Ahmedabad7/25/20191
FDPIndian Knowledge SystemsOnline- Indian Knowledge SystemsAICTE-UGC_ICSSR11/5/202011/19/202010FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Files_/92.Upload Certificate.094547.pdf
FDPInner Transformation through Yoga : Exploring Antaranga YogaOnline3/15/2022FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Files_/98.Upload Certificate.053452.pdf
Expert LectureFDP in Indian Knowledge SystemsUGC- HRDC Sardar Patel University, VV Nagar7/30/20221FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Files_/99.Upload Certificate.054420.pdf
Expert LectureResource Person for Diploma in Indic Education SystemOnline3/6/202210FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Files_/100.Upload Certificate.091439. Subhash Yadav.pdf
FDPGanitashastra : Ancient Indian Mathematical Tradtions, Contributions and their Modern RelevanceMontfort Spirituality Centre, BangaloreIndica Courses1/26/20241/28/20243FDP STTP Orientaion Refresher Workshop_Files_/138.Upload Certificate.053410.pdf


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Best paper award at 5th International Conference on Impart of Business Ethics, governence and CSR2/6/2016
Panel member at the National Level Panel Discussion on Life style & Wellness Organized by BDMA11/26/2021
Paper Presentation3/28/2023OnlineNational Conference on Thoughts of Sri AurobindoINDUS University

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