“Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.”                                                                                                 – Anonymous

The Discussion Forum at Narmada College of Management met on 13th August, 2021. The session was about Decision Making.

Decision making is often a difficult task for many of us. We all make decisions all the time, ranging from routine issues like what to wear, what to eat for lunch, up to the most critical decisions of life like where and what to study, where to work and whom to marry.

In simple words, decision making means to choose between two or more courses of action. In the context of problem solving it involves a choice between possible solutions to a problem. Some people avoid making decisions by endlessly searching for more information or getting other people to offer their recommendations. Others resort to decision-making by taking a vote or tossing a coin.

However decision making is a thoughtful process and decisions can be made through either an intuitive or reasoned process, or a combination of the two.

Dr. Shah had three questions for all the participants to think upon.

  1. What are the problems and issues in decision making?
  2. In your life which is the best decision you have taken so far? Which decision you regret the most?
  3. What are the important decisions managers are required to make in their respective domains?

Each participant gave their respective response on the above questions.

The topic for next Discussion Forum is Active Learning Pedagogy.

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